Can I use LoveLash with Lash Extensions?

Hey Lash Luvs!


It's time to spill the tea on lash secrets! Eyelash enhancers are like the fairy godmothers of your lashes. And guess what? They're BFFs with your fab lash extensions too!


Why should you do that, you ask? Well, those beautiful extensions can sometimes be a bit tough on your natural lashes. But do not worry, because using a lash growth serum is like a spa day for your lashes, making them strong and sassy! Just remember to follow our pro tips for lash-tastic results!


Ready for the secrets on using lash serum with extensions? Here it is, darling:

  1. LoveLash is oil free so it will not interfere with the lash extension glue, and they can peacefully co-exist.
  2. Patience, love! Hold off on the serum until your lash extensions have had their beauty sleep. They need about 4 hours to set and slay. Once they're all glammed up, it's serum time!
  3. Let's heal those lashes, shall we? Even if your lash artist is a magician, extensions can be a bit heavy and sometimes our natural lashes need a little TLC.
  4. So, there you have it, lovelies! Lash extensions + growth serum = a match made in lash heaven!

Your lashes will thank you with fluttery gratitude!

Hoda 💕

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