My 3-Step Guide On How To Use LoveLash

Hey Lash Loves!


Ready to unlock the secret to those beautiful lashes? Follow our 3-step guide on how to apply your lash serum like a pro!

Commit for at least 2-3 months to see the full magical transformation.

Step 1: Blank Canvas, Beautiful Lashes! 🎨

Remove all eyeliner, shadow, and mascara. Your eyes are now prepared for the lash serum magic.


Step 2: Let the Magic Begin! 🪄

Shake the bottle and gently glide the lash serum brush along your upper lash line.

Starting from the inside, sweep outwards. Don't worry about the lower lashes - they will catch the serum as you blink!


Step 3: Consistency is Key! ⏰

Daily application is the secret to beautiful lashes, We recommend to use it twice a day for best results.

If used twice a day a bottle will last for 2 month and more, in any case we recommend to not use the same bottle for more that 3 months in case of contamination.

There you have it, lovelies! Your journey to fabulous lashes can start now!


Hoda 💕

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