Why I Started Using An Eyelash Serum

Hey Lash Luvs!

Gather around because I've got a lash story to tell about why I started using an eyelash serum. A bit of drama and a bit of redemption. It all started in a peaceful night - I was living my best lash life with extensions for years, until one night, out of the blue, I developed a wild allergy to the glue.

Can you believe it? Let’s call it a fashion emergency! It was like a crazy itching with no end in sight, I found myself in a DIY lash removal session. Spoiler alert: it didn't end well for my natural lashes. 💔


Picture this; me, in the middle of the night, fighting with olive oil against those stubborn extensions and trying to get them off me. Let's just say, it was an epic showdown, but eventually the extensions gave up, taking my poor natural lashes as collateral damage. A touch of lash drama!


The hero of our story; a lash serum. A bit sceptical at first about the promise of lush, long lashes, but in the end, it delivered!


Fast forward, and here I am, flaunting lashes that are more fabulous than ever. No more glue-induced antics, just natural, fluttery goodness. So, if you've ever faced a lash crisis like mine, the solution is as simple as a swipe of serum. Cheers to flawless lashes and drama-free nights!

Hoda 💕

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